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A personal loan for a client without up to date tax returns

A personal loan for a client without up to date tax returns

personal loan without tax returnsRecently, a customer came to us at Bee Finance Savvy, requiring assistance in obtaining a personal loan. However, they had not completed their recent tax returns and usually would be unable to obtain finance without them.

We were able to match them with a lender whom was willing to accept an accountant’s declaration in lieu of any tax returns.

This was very handy for our client as it meant we were able to assist them in obtaining a personal loan straight away, rather than having them need to get all of their tax returns up to date, a process as you know that could take weeks or longer, depending on your records held with your accountant.

So if you are self employed, have good credit, and are looking to obtain a personal loan without having up to date tax returns, contact us at Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554 or email enquiries@beefinancesavvy com.au

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