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Are you confused about self-managed super fund properties? 

Are you confused about self-managed super fund properties? 

Self managed super fund propertyMany of you would be intrigued by the possibility of owning your own investment property through your self-managed super fund. After all, you’ve probably heard a lot about it through the media, perhaps through your accountant, or through friends.

This type of lending can be complex, and it can be difficult for customers to know how to get started.

Whilst it is always necessary to obtain advice from your accountant and financial planner regarding the suitability of a self managed super fund, a knowledgeable and helpful finance broker is also an important piece of the puzzle.

Before you fork out thousands on setting up SMSF and bare trusts, and other legal requirements for this facility, you may wish to have a complimentary upfront assessment to determine your likely borrowing power.

After all, knowledgeable accountants and financial planners are not necessarily aware of each banks lending criteria, and how they will view your existing income and proposed rental income.

At Bee Finance Savvy, we enjoy helping customers to foresee their likely borrowing power, based on their current super balance and PAYG or self employed earnings, in conjunction with their proposed rental income.

This will give you a greater idea of what sort of property you may be able to purchase, and give you the confidence to proceed with setting up trusts and SMSF funds through your accountant and financial planner.

For a complimentary assessment, contact Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554 or enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au

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