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Are you time poor, but in desperate need of a loan restructure?

Are you time poor, but in desperate need of a loan restructure?

We all live busy lives nowadays, and many of you are “plugged in” constantly – whether you are running your own business, or are in a management role, or just juggling work and a family.

Another great service that we at Bee Finance Savvy offer, is that we will reduce the time you need to chase up your financial documentation required for your loan, and allow you more time to concentrate on the those things that only you can do!

At Bee Finance Savvy, we enjoy the relationship that we have, not only with our clients, but also with our clients accountants and solicitors.

I don’t know of any bank, that will provide your accountant with regular reminders of outstanding paperwork – rather than leaving this all on your shoulders! If we can make your experience easier, and more hassle free, we will be happy to liaise with any professionals you deal with, in order to achieve everything we need to help you meet your finance goals.

As you may be aware, more than ever before, the privacy legislation and lending criteria is becoming more strict than ever before. We live in an electronic age, and as such, banks are taking more and more precautions to verify your identity and your financial situation. Our job, is to make this transition as easy as possible for you, whilst you still enjoy all the benefits of a loan structured just the way you require it to be.

To find out more, talk to us at Bee Finance Savvy, on 1300 140 554.

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