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Bank Vs Broker

Bank Vs Broker

Are you wondering what is the difference between seeing a broker for your Home loan, vs going into a bank?

Product Choice

One of the biggest differences in seeing a broker is in product choice. We have access to and knowledge of processes and policies for over 30 lenders. There is a wide variety of factors to take into consideration when helping clients arrange a pre approval or a refinance. We can compare your situation against the products of many lenders, and provide you with options for your upcoming home loan.

In some cases, clients will only fit the criteria for one or two lenders, and it would be near impossible for customers to try to find this information out themselves. This can include if you have a small deposit, if you are looking to take cash out of your existing mortgage, if you are looking to buy a certain property in a certain area, if you have income that is not purely base salary for a full time role, to name just a few.

Clear Explanations

It can also be confusing at times when clear explanations are not provided. We have seen clients whom have been to the bank that did not know how their previous loans were set up, or the consequences of having their loans set up in a particular way. At Bee Finance Savvy, we ensure that our clients understand exactly what it is they are entering into, and any positive or less favourable features that they may be looking at.

You will also be dealing with the same person from beginning to end, and even after your loan settles, here at Bee Finance Savvy. This reduces the chance of mix ups, or having to re explain your situation to someone new.

Bee Savvy when looking for a lender

If you want a broker who’ll help you make informed, savvy decisions when looking for a home loan lender, you’ve

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For an obligation free consult, get in touch with our savvy broker Desiree!

come to the right place. Our lovely broker Desiree is just a call, text or email away! You can call or text Desiree on 0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. She can also be reached at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au .  Alternatively, you can fill out the contact us form on this site.

If you’d like to hear from just some of our satisfied customers, take a look at our reviews on WOMO https://www.wordofmouth.com.au/reviews/bee-finance-savvy-miranda

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