property-businessAt Bee Finance Savvy we can assist you in applying for a loan for your business vehicle, truck, or excavator, to name but a few. 

We have access to multiple lenders and can match you with a lender whom will suit your requirements. Whether you are eligible for a low doc loan, are able to provide full financials, or have just started in business. 

We will always discuss your options upfront before putting through any applications.


We are happy to liaise with your accountant, if you are time poor and information is required about your current finances.

Do you have a brand new business? Aren’t sure where to go to obtain funding for vehicles, trucks, or equipment?

Do you need urgent funds and don’t have readily available financials?



  • Can I buy a business without using my property as security?

    You can, however only under certain circumstances. In this case you will also need a large deposit to contribute towards your business.


    There is a lot involved with this type of finance and it is important to get it right before approaching the bank. We can help guide you, and liaise with your accountant if needed. This will ensure that your application will be presented in the most favourable light.

  • I want to develop a duplex, then sell it, how can this be achieved?

    Are you not in a position to obtain finance from a regular bank for a development, due to inability to meet financial requirements set by the bank? There are options available for companies whom have a substantial deposit and are expecting to make a large profit on their project.


    We can assess your situation upfront, to determine if you may be eligible for this type of funding, which will allow you to get on with making your profit

  • My financials aren’t ready and I urgently need a new truck.

    We have options available for those with new or existing businesses. Do you require finance for new and used trucks, for transport business, construction industry and more. Get in contact and we will run you through it.

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