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Cash out against vehicles owned for new businesses or those with no financials!

Cash out against vehicles owned for new businesses or those with no financials!

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It can be challenging in those initial months of running a new business, when you want to expand.
You have a well thought out business plan, you’re all set up and starting to make a profit, but you require a cash injection to further things along and the bank wont consider you.

However, there are solutions available for increasing your cash flow through finance. One of those options includes an equity release against your existing motor vehicle.

This is separate to finance for those requiring purchasing a new vehicle when running a new business, having no financials and/or poor credit, or those requiring point of sale equipment, hospitality equipment, trucks, or other forms of secured finance.

This option is to provide you with actual cash, to do with as you please, to continue to expand your business, even in those early months, without needing to use your house as security or jump through various other hoops that a traditional bank will insist upon.

To find out more, contact Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554 or enquiries@beefinancesavvyl.com.au. We will assess your situation upfront, obligation free WITHOUT marking your credit file.

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