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Unravelling myths about employment types and length!

Unravelling myths about employment types and length!

Did you know that you may be eligible for a home loan on the first day of your new job?

In todays society, it is much more common for people to move from job to job, or contract to contract.

There are a variety of lenders whom understand this, but its important to know which lender that you should approach based on your own individual circumstances.

That’s where Bee Finance Savvy comes in. We can match you to a loan whether you are employed casually, on a short term contract, regular full time, have overtime or bonuses, or have just begun a new job!

What’s generally considered is your time in the industry. Bee Finance Savvy can help you apply for a loan with a lender whom will accept your current employment situation or whom will accept your type of income. Do you know that some lenders will only accept
 50% of your bonus income, whilst others will accept 100%?

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