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Dream home out of reach…?

Dream home out of reach…?

Can’t afford your dream home right now but aching to get into the property market?

Why not try a stepping stone approach, by buying a smaller investment property?

You could even pay it off faster with extra repayments in order to build equity, to eventually use as a deposit for your dream home!!

Are you familiar with the amount of money you need for a deposit, as well as stamp duty, solicitor fees and lenders mortgage insurance?

On a typical Sydney property for $500,000, your deposit alone is a minimum of $25,000 required.

If this dream seems too far away, and the property price is going up higher each year than the amount you can save!, You may want to think about buying a less expensive investment property.

That way you can start paying off your own property, benefit from an additional rental income to help you with the mortgage repayments, and at the same time, benefit from the increase in property values each year, rather than falling by the way side.

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