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Hate to lose a sale? – Real Estates need assurance too 

Hate to lose a sale? – Real Estates need assurance too 

As a real estate agent, I’m sure that one of your most frustrating scenarios is not knowing whether your prospective buyer really does have approval subject only to valuation, or whether they only have a next to meaningless “pre-approval”.


At Bee Finance Savvy, we ensure that all of our customers have a conditional approval, subject only to valuation, prior to instructing them to enter into a property contract. 


This ensures that customers are in the strongest position to understand their buying power, and it stops nasty surprises in the property buying process.


If mortgage insurance is involved, we insist that any of our 30+ lenders send the file to the mortgage insurer (of which there are only two in Australia), to be fully assessed prior to our clients searching for a property.


This is especially important in an Auction situation.


This can mean the difference between a quick sale, or something that is dragged out and confusing, with the potential to fall over entirely. A situation no one wants, when trying to figure out whether it is really time to celebrate the new purchase!


Don’t be led astray, ensure approvals are subject only to valuation by contacting Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554 or email us at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au


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