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It just got a little bit easier to get approved for your home loan

It just got a little bit easier to get approved for your home loan

Bee Finance Savvy has some great news for home seekers! Recently, many rules regarding getting a home loan have become stricter. But one area has eased up with some of our lenders, therefore making it a bit easier to get an approval. This is thanks to a mortgage insurance providers relaxing their policies.

Easier rules for home loan deposits with select lenders

We now have several lenders who now consider home loan applications of up to 90% borrowings, when you haven’t held your deposit for long. As a result, it’s not quite as hard to get approved if you’ve only just got your deposit, as a gift from relatives etc.

This means you have fewer hurdles to jump. With these select lenders, it’s easier to get an approval if you only have a small deposit. This is also the case if you only got your deposit recently.

Now, not all lenders have adopted these new policies. Most lenders still have strict rules for applications with a small deposits. There are also strict polices regarding where you got your deposit. Likewise, similar rules apply to the amount of time you’ve held the funds.

Bee Finance Savvy matches customer with lenders who have less strict policies. We make it easier for our customers to get a home loan approval.

How to apply

home loan small deposit approval Bee Finance Savvy Sutherland shire mortgage brokerIf you need help applying for your next home loan, contact Desiree, our Shire based finance broker at Bee Finance Savvy. You can text or call Desiree on  0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. You can also email her at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au . We assist customers Australia wide.

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