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Helping families reach their goals

Helping families reach their goals

At Bee Finance Savvy, we take pride in helping our customers in whatever way we can. We particularly love helping families achieve their goals. Often this takes the form of helping them get a home loan to upgrade their family home.

Perhaps they’re renting, and so want to buy their first home as a family. Or they might be living in a small unit that their family has outgrown, and they need to move into a house.

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No two families are exactly the same. In families with a new born, one parent may be staying home with bub. If families have children who have just started school, a parent might be returning to work, or may have increased their hours. Also, many families are turning to self employment, and running their own businesses.

These diverse circumstances mean that every family home loan application will be different. So cookie cutter approach just won’t work.

That’s why at Sutherland Shire based Bee Finance Savvy, we treat every family as unique and special. We take the time to learn about your circumstances. This helps us tailor your home loan application to best suit your family, using our panel of dozens of lenders.

Unique solutions for unique situations

Often our customers need specialised solutions for their situations. Sometimes this means taking your application to a lender with the most competitive rate. Other times it may mean applying to a lender who will approve you for a larger amount. Maximising your borrowing power can help your family get the home you really want!

What if your family is in a situation where it’s difficult to get approved for a home loan? Bee Finance Savvy can help by using our industry knowledge to pair you with a lender who’ll be more accepting of your circumstances.

We also provide “home loan health checks”. These can be helpful when you’ve had a home loan for a few years. Just as personal and financial circumstances over time, so do lender policies.  As a result, you may be eligible for a better rate through refinancing.

Get in touch!

If you want buy your first family home, or upgrade to a different one, get in touch with Desiree at Bee Finance Savvy. After assessing your family’s situation, she’ll discuss your options for reaching your goals in an obligation free consultation.

To find out more, call Desiree on 1300 140 554 or 0455 131 937. You can also email her at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au .

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