Is it Time to Up-Size Your Home?

Is it time for you to make the move from a unit to a house? Or to a bigger house? We can assist you to determine how much you will need for costs such as stamp duty. Also whether you can achieve a higher deposit in order to reduce the amount of mortgage insurance payable.  We can also assist you in calculating whether you are in a position to keep your current property as an investment. Or whether your income is not quite enough to hold onto both. Remember, each lender will assess your income differently, particularly regarding bonuses, commissions, overtime, and self employed income.  We will help you and discuss your needs and objectives, in order to place you in a new home loan that you can be happy with for many years to come. As well as walk you through the process step by step, so you know exactly which processes you need to undergo before making any life changing decisions. If you would like an assessment of your options upfront, so you know exactly where you stand before making any major decisions, then contact us via the below form.

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