Words of Admiration from Our Clients


I had been paying off my investment property for several years, and making additional repayments. However, I figured that my interest rate of 5.2% was too high, and as a shift worker, I didn’t have the time to look for a better option. A friend was getting their first home loan through Bee Finance Savvy, and recommended that I give them a call. Even though my home loan was relatively small, I was still able to secure a better interest rate through the bank that Bee Finance Savvy organised for me.

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Ryan – Wollongong


I had been to several lenders to try to get my loan approved, but I was constantly being told that I did not qualify. A friend recommended that I try out Bee Finance Savvy. I didn’t expect anything would come of it, but figured that it couldn’t hurt to see what they had to say. I couldn’t believe it when my loan was approved, and I had $25,000 transferred into my account. This enabled me to pay for the renovations I required on my property, so that I could increase the sale price when my house went to market.

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Akmal – Strathfield
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