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Just changed jobs and think you can’t get a home loan? Think again!

Just changed jobs and think you can’t get a home loan? Think again!

If you have recently changed jobs, but are still working in the same industry as you were previously, you may be surprised to know that you are still eligible for a home loan!

This is generally the case for full time and permanent part time jobs, as casual and contract have different policies applied to them.

If you are borrowing less than 85% of the property then you can apply for a home loan from the very first day of your new job.

If mortgage insurance is required (such as 90 or 95% loans) then you can still be eligible for a home loan, but one of the requirements may be that you are not in a probation period.

So if you have recently taken a great opportunity to move to a better paying job, or a better position with another company, don’t let this deter you from following your goal of getting a home loan sooner rather than later!

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