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Make your accountant smile!

Make your accountant smile!

You have opened a new business and your in desperate need of equipment. Be it for a café, a transport company, or a building business – you cant run it without the equipment you need.

However, you don’t want to use all of your available cash to make these purchases. You need to keep something aside to pay wages, rent, and suppliers. You don’t want to leave yourself short, as it can be slow starting up, the initial turnover rarely covers the initial cash injection required for new businesses.

Your bank won’t look at you, unless you offer your house as security. Or your already running highly profitable businesses which they can take a charge over. But do you really want all of your assets tied together held by the banks powerful grip?

There are other options available, if you know whom to speak to – and in this event – its not your bank.

Talking to an experienced diverse finance broker, such as those at Bee Finance Savvy, can offer you the flexibility and peace of mind to grow your business and to get on with what you love.

Without having to jump through hoops for the bank, to prove that your business is worth something, and that you are worthy of finance. You can have the backing to purchase equipment needed to run your business. Even if this is your very first day. Afterall, everybody has to start somewhere. Something that the banks rarely want to recognise.

So if your tired of running around in circles, and trying to impress your business banker. If they don’t share your vision and your passion for growth, or they are asking you to put your entire asset portfolio on the line, just so you can buy a few pieces of vital equipment, call us on 1300 140 554, to give you the flexibility and piece of mind that you deserve.


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