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Need help with your Self Managed Super Fund Loan?

Need help with your Self Managed Super Fund Loan?

self managed super fund finance help SMSFI’ve heard of some nightmare experiences regarding Self Managed Super Fund Loans, where there have been delayed settlements and incorrect paperwork issued.

It is important that you have the right team working to ensure you have a seamless process when purchasing a property through your self managed super fund.

After all, it is essential that the contract for the property is in the name of your bare trust and not your own personal name, while the borrower of the loan needs to be in the name of your self managed super fund trust.

Your financial planner or accountant can help set these up, and your solicitor can check over this information, but nothing beats having a dedicated finance broker whom will liaise directly with you and these three parties, as well as with the bank whom is ultimately issuing the loan.

After all, it is imperative that errors are picked up within a timely manner and quickly corrected, to save you hours of running around trying to ensure everything is in order. Often the requirements are really not very user friendly unless you have in depth training to understand them.

So, if you would like assistance with your self managed super fund loan, and you need advice regarding not only your borrowing power, and obtaining the loan, but also in ensuring that a smooth transaction takes place from approval through to settlement, then contact Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554 or enquires@beefianncesavvy.com.au

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