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Need POS Equipment or Security Cameras?

Need POS Equipment or Security Cameras?

Whether you are leasing out an office space, or operating your own restaurant, chances are that the need for security footage is something that has crossed your mind. But you’ve probably also thought that forking out $5000 – $30,000 isn’t the most pleasant thought, nor the best strategy for your cash flow.

After all, you’ve got employees to pay, rent or commercial mortgage payments, and numerous other costs.

You may not know, that there are various options available for financing your point of sale equipment or security cameras, and you wont need to jump through hoops to do so.

Whether it’s your first day in business, or your tenth year, there are finance options available for the above items, and you wont even need a tax return!

This is a huge relief for business owners with numerous tax deductions, that may not present well to a traditional bank lender.

Naturally, 100% of your finance repayments are also tax deductible.

To find out more about how we can assist you with financing your new business equipment purchase, contact Bee Finance Savvy on 1300 140 554, or email us at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au


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