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Need To Refinance And Your Name Has changed?

Need To Refinance And Your Name Has changed?

If you are looking to refinance your existing property and your name has changed since you originally purchased, there are some extra steps involved to ensure everything runs smoothly.

When Do Names Change After Purchasing Property?

The most common reason that someones name would have changed since they purchased a property, is of course due to marriage. Many people have purchased properties in their maiden name, and after getting married, may need to refinance for various reasons.

In some cases, clients can also have an error in their name on the original title listing.

Either way, lenders will need to ensure that the correct steps are taken to verify your identification and to produce the appropriate paperwork to ensure that your refinance can go through smoothly.

Getting Ready Ahead Of Time

If you are refinancing with cash out to use as a deposit towards another property purchase, it is especially important to plan ahead in any event, but particularly where a change of name has occurred since your original purchase.

It can take extra time to fulfil the banks requirements regarding your loan documentation, which may include needing a statutory declaration, or an official change of name form, signed by a justice of the peace.

We can help guide you with your loan application process, as well as the loan documentation sent by the bank after approval, to ensure a smooth process takes place during your refinance where a change of name has occurred.

Bee Savvy when looking to refinance

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