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Recently casually employed and think you can’t get a home loan? You can!

Recently casually employed and think you can’t get a home loan? You can!

Casual job home loanMany lenders will give you a hard time if you are casually employed, especially if you have been in this position for less than 12 months. Rest assured though, there are lenders whom will consider your income with as little as three months tenure in your casual job – even if you are the sole borrower for your intended home loan purchase!

This is also the case if this is your second job, which is great news because some lenders actually expect you to be in your second job for 24 months before considering it, so being able to use just three months tenure in casual employment comes as a great relief to many of our happy home hunters.

So if you have recently taken onboard the goal of increasing your income, working extra hours, taking on a new or second job, don’t let this deter you from following your goal of getting a home loan sooner rather than later!

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