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Refinancing your mortgage during a divorce

Refinancing your mortgage during a divorce

mortgage divorce refinanceThere are many things to think about if you are going through a separation or a divorce. The family property is often high up on the list.

Your family lawyer will help you with the negotiations, but you will probably need some help with your mortgage to complete the process.

Complications often arise. For example: do you want to keep the property, but need to pay out your ex spouse?

If you jointly own several properties that need to be divided up, each mortgage must be reassessed separately.

The benefits of a savvy broker

An experienced finance broker can help you during this sensitive time. This will take some of the pressure off you.

Bee Finance Savvy will help you by matching you with a lender that suits your needs. We will assess your needs and income upfront. We’ll work out what you can afford and which bank will help you best, so that you can best meet your obligations. We’ll determine this before lodging applications, and so we avoid multiple marks on your credit file.

If you need to refinance the family home, pay out your ex, or need assistance with other divorce related mortgage issues, call Desiree at Bee Finance Savvy on 0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. You can also email Desiree at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au

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