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Making sure your settlement happens on time

Making sure your settlement happens on time

Getting a home loan approval is a huge step in the process of purchasing a home. But it’s not the final hurdle. Settlement is the all important last step. Therefore, making sure it happens on time is crucial. Depending on the contract you signed, penalties for not settling on time can vary. Sometimes it may mean extra fees. In other cases, you may lose your deposit. This can be devastating. So it’s important to make sure your settlement goes smoothly.

What is settlement?

Settlement occurs when you pay for a property, and you receive legal ownership of that property. Many smaller processes must happen first, in order for settlement to occur. Sales clauses must be fulfilled. Funds for the remaining balance of the sale price must be ready and available. An array of documents have to be prepared, verified, and completed. Thus, it can be a hectic process.

Making sure that settlement goes smoothly

At Bee Finance Savvy, we assist our client through the entire process of purchasing property. This includes the completion of settlement. Our assistance takes many forms. We often spend hours liaising between our client, the lender, and our client’s solicitor or conveyancer. Sometimes this is to resolve problems that may arise. Miscommunications or lost paperwork can be disastrous at this late stage. But at Bee Finance Savvy, we act quickly when problems arise. This helps avoid these issues interfere with settlement wherever possible.

Regardless of whether problems are present or not, we work to keep the lines of communication open with all parties. This allows us to keep our clients updated and reassured. As a result, this makes the process of settlement as smooth as possible.

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If you’re planning to purchase a property, and want the process to go smoothly, talk with Bee Finance Savvy today! Have a chat with our lovely broker Desiree, and find out how she helps her clients through every step of the process, ensuring a successful outcome.

To take advantage of our obligation free consult service, call or text Desiree on 0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. Desiree can also be reached at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au .  Alternatively, you can fill out the contact us form on this site.

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