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Thinking of selling a property and getting a home loan for a new home?

Thinking of selling a property and getting a home loan for a new home?

Changing circumstances and needs often lead to people thinking about selling a property, and buying a new one.  You may need to upsize, or downsize your home. Or, you may need to move closer to work, or family. Whatever, the reasons, this is a common decision. However, changes to lender rules have made it a more complicated situation.

Why selling a property and getting a new home loan may now be harder

Lender rules are constantly changing, due to new government requirements, and changing market conditions. Unfortunately, these changes can sometimes make it harder for you to get a home loan than it was in the past.

If you currently have a home loan for a property you want to sell, you might think it’s going to be a simple matter to get a mortgage for a new home of the same value. But this isn’t always the case.

Some people may find that they are no longer eligible to borrow the same amount they may have borrowed a number of years ago. New lender rules can have a significant impact on borrowing capacity.

As you can imagine, this can be devastating to people who’ve sold their property, and find themselves unable to buy a new one as planned.

Bee Savvy: Planning ahead

Luckily, this is a situation that can be avoided by carefully planning ahead. At Bee Finance Savvy, we help selling a property new home loan broker mortgage broker Sutherland Shire Bee Finance Savvycustomers who are planning on selling a property and buying another, by carefully assessing their borrowing capacity.

We can provide an in depth analysis of how much you can borrow.  We can also advise on your best options for a new home loan. This allows you to plan ahead carefully, with an accurate budget for your new property.

The next key step, is securing a valid pre approval. This allows you to breath a little easier, knowing that your pre approval for your new home. You can therefore move forward with the sale of your existing property, with confidence that you will be able to buy another!

Getting in touch

If you’d like to understand your borrowing capacity, and secure a pre approval, get in touch with Bee Finance

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For an obligation free consult, get in touch with our savvy broker Desiree!

Savvy today. Our lovely broker Desiree has helped many customers move forward with their goals. We know how important it is to get customers the home loans that best suit their circumstances.

To find out more, call or text Desiree on 0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. Desiree can also be reached at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au .  Alternatively, you can fill out the contact us form on this site.

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