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Valuation came in too low?

Valuation came in too low?

property-valuation-home-loanOne hurdle that can negatively impact your purchase or refinance, is if the valuation for your property comes in lower than expected.

It can be difficult to know how to move forward in this situation, but sometimes there are avenues available for a better result.

A recent client experienced this, when their refinance application was accompanied by a new valuation that was around $100,000 less than expected.

Luckily we had a previous valuation on file from another lender, and were able to use this to challenge the new valuation.

The result – a modified value from the second opinion, which allowed our client to move forward with their needs.

Another option would be to present a case of properties sold at a higher price in your area that have similar attributes, although this method can be a little more challenging.

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