CRO_cars_main_car_buyingguideWe will help you to get approved for your car loan fast! We encourage you to compare monthly repayments rather than just the quoted interest rate. This is in order to get the true picture for how much your vehicle loan will cost you.  

We also have options available for those whom are newly self employed or whom have defaults.

We will always discuss your options upfront, before putting through any applications. After all, not all applicants are in the same boat, and each requires an individualised approach to their loan.


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We assist customers Australia wide.


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We help you compare the true cost of your car loan

Our brokers can assist you to finance both dealership and private car sales

At Bee Finance Savvy, we understand that lenders need things presented in a particular way. We will work with you to ensure your application is presented in the most favourable light.



  • Where is a good place to get a car loan?

    No matter where you get your vehicle loan – you always need to compare the monthly repayments rather than just the interest rate. This way you can add up the true cost of the loan. We help with this at Sydney Finance Brokerage Bee Finance Savvy.


  • I have bad credit, can I still get a car loan?


    Yes you can. We will happily look at your situation and your credit file, so that we can help match you with a lender whom will look at your finance proposal more favourably.


    There are many other factors that can be looked at when determining if you qualify for a car loan with poor credit. Put your worrying aside and contact us for an upfront assessment, without marking your credit file with unnecessary applications.

  • I have just started a new business, can I still get a car loan?

    Yes. We have finance options available for those whom are brand new in business. We can assist where traditional lenders may not recognise your needs in the early stages of your business.


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