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What could go wrong if you go straight to a bank!

What could go wrong if you go straight to a bank!

bank home loanYou would think that getting a home loan direct from a bank could be a straight forward process, should you have a perfect credit history and plenty of income and genuine savings. But this is not always the case!

Think of our staff at Bee Finance Savvy as your personal assistant – as there are multiple daily phone calls required to the banks in many instances to ensure that things go smoothly and that your loan actually goes ahead – even when it has already been approved!

A recent scenario with a customer wishing to build their first home saw a painful amount of phone calls required to be made by our firm to the bank as they continually would misplace the construction contract which was going to hold up the valuation and ultimately settlement. Multiple calls had to be made by us each day – dealing with the team whom process the loan – there is more than one person at hand to deal with and therefore misplacing the contract on their computer became something out of Groundhog Day!

Eventually the valuation was ordered and finance completed, and shockingly when our firm requested confirmation of settlement we were advised that the letter had been sent to the customer’s new address – a vacant block of land! They justified this process by stating that this is the home that the customer will be living in – even though the place had not been constructed yet and the loan was for construction!

You can imagine how frustrating this would be for you if you had no choice but to follow this up all by yourself in between your work and busy family life.

Just another reason that our customers are very happy to have us on their side!!

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