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Why loan comparison websites don’t work!

Why loan comparison websites don’t work!

Why loan comparison websites don’t work!

Nowadays we are all very internet savvy, and it is natural for us to partake in our very own research exercise, when wishing to embark on a home loan.

Some of us will look at interest rates alone, whilst others will go so far as compiling detailed reports, likened to that of a university research project, filled with numbers and features, in our attempts to work out what is the best loan product available to me?

The problem with many loan comparison websites is –

  • They work to draw you in, by only promoting the lowest interest rate available. Unbeknown to many savvy researchers, there are often near impossible requirements to be eligible for such advertised low rates.
  • Many of the advertised rates, are only applicable to those whom have a 20% deposit; or whom are purchasing a property for a particularly high amount.
  • Once you contact the eye-catching lender, you may well find that the rate which they can provide you with, is hardly attractive at all. But you have already invested so much of your time in researching the various options, only to be disappointed in what you are now presented with. So, slightly worn down, you figure that you weren’t quite on the right track, and you are now relinquished to accept the proposal you see before you.

Sound familiar? Perhaps not?

So many of us are unaware that this process is actually occurring, we become satisfied with the options presented to us, as we don’t know any better.

Our belief, is that every person has the right to an affordable home loan, regardless of the size of your deposit, or the size of your desired loan.

Many lenders will make certain provisions for “high net worth” clients, or those whom are purchasing an above-average priced property.

We can certainly assist in such cases, with our relationship with over 30 lenders, but where we really like to shine, is in providing the same great rates, for those who are seeking more moderately sized home loans.

At Bee Finance Savvy, we treat every customer with the utmost priority. We will go above and beyond, to ensure that you are treated to a specialised service, that truly provides flexible options for those seeking finance, whom want to ensure their dollar goes further.

On a weekly basis, we provide various customers with loan comparisons which illustrate in true terms, savings of around $20,000 and above, without gimmicks, or desirable but sometimes unacheivable extra repayments.

We certainly encourage you to make extra repayments and pay off your home loan faster, but we do not use this as the basis for our proposed savings to you, unlike many other organisations.

So, if you are enthused about getting more out of your dollar, contact us for a complimentary consultation on 1300 140 554, or email us at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au.

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