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Why Rent If You Can Buy!

Why Rent If You Can Buy!

If you can afford $470.00 per week, you may be eligible for a home loan to purchase a property up to $400,000, with as little as 5% deposit.

Why continue to pay off your landlords mortgage?

One of the great Aussie dreams is to own your own home. We all have to start somewhere. For those of us who live in inner Sydney, $400,000 might not get you the dream home you have always wanted, but with some careful and strategic planning, you can get your foot into the property market, and start on your journey as a home owner.

There are many options available, just outside of Sydney. Speaking to a friendly and experienced realtor, such as Danny O’Neill from South Coast Property Web, is a great place to start if you are looking for your first property, or an investment to get you started.

Advantages of owning an investment property, can include, building wealth and equity, through earning a rental income, whilst your property continues to appreciate over time.

This can be a great option for those who cannot afford to buy in the area they currently live in, but whom want to make their money work smarter.

Some of our clients, choose to remain in rental properties close to their work, or continue to live with their parents, whilst enjoying the peace of mind, in knowing that they have a tangible asset growing steadily.

You may choose to sell your investment property and then purchase a larger home, after benefiting from the growth in equity, providing you with a larger deposit towards your dream home.

Others choose to grow their property portfolio, starting with one, either to live in, or to rent out, and further down the line, to draw on the increased equity herein, to purchase an additional property.

With careful planning, owning your own home can become a reality.

Speak to someone who has the enthusiasm to see you reach your goals, such as a qualified finance broker at Bee Finance Savvy.

We have available over 30 lenders from whom we can source a loan, and a “think outside the box” attitude, to helping you accomplish your desires.

To find out more, contact us for a complimentary consultation on 1300 140 554, or email us at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au

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