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You would like a good deal on your car loan – don’t be fooled!!

You would like a good deal on your car loan – don’t be fooled!!

Without having knowledge of how you will be viewed by a lender, when applying for a car loan, it can be very difficult to know if you are going to be given a good deal on your car finance.

There is a great variance as to which lenders will “treat all applicants equally” and those whom will “score” customers, based on whether they own their own home or not.

If you are like most Australians, you would prefer to pay less for the same product, and don’t take well to finding out you could have paid less “just around the corner”.

That’s why it is important to speak with someone whom has a variety of car loan options available, from a varying panel of lenders, and that they understand just how each lender will treat different people.

There are some great “lo doc” options available for the self employed – but that still doesn’t mean that all car loans offered will be of the same value.

Whether you are looking for a process with simple documentation and little fuss, or you are a payg employee looking for a great rate, we can assist you in matching you with a car finance lender, whom will suit your needs, and you wont pay more than necessary.

There are even options available for brand new businesses, whom don’t have any inch of financial statements available, to purchase a new or used car under finance.

To find out more, talk to us at Bee Finance Savvy, on 1300 140 554.

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