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Your first home loan doesn’t have to be hard

Your first home loan doesn’t have to be hard

You might think that applying for a home loan is complicated and stressful A recent survey by a major lender, revealed that many people share this view. 48% of people said they believe applying for their first home loan will be too hard.

Is applying for your first home loan really too hard?

Applying for your first home loan can seem intimidating. There are so many lenders, and this can make it first home loan mortgage broker Sutherland Shire home loan broker Bee Finance Savvy finance brokerdifficult to know where to apply. You might not even be sure what sort of home loan you need, or want. And even if you are able to work this out, the application itself can seem very complicated.

The good news is that despite all these factors, applying for your first home loan doesn’t have to be hard!

Making your home loan application easy

Luckily, you can pass off all the hard work involved in applying for a home loan to someone else. At Bee Finance Savvy, we take pride in making the home loan application process as simple as possible for all our clients. We do the hard parts so that you don’t have to!

The first part of our process involves assessing your situation, including your income and expenses. This allows us work out how much you can borrow, and which lender suits you best.

We let you know exactly which information and documents you need to provide, and we keep it simple.

For an obligation free consult, get in touch with our savvy broker Desiree!

When we’ve assessed your situation, found the right lender, and gathered your documents, then we take care of the application itself. Unlike many DIY home loan application sites, we don’t expect you to struggle through dozens of pages of confusing paperwork on your own. We do it for you.

In fact, we help our clients through the entire process, from their very first enquiry, to the moment they proudly take ownership of their new home.

If you’d like to talk to a broker who’ll make the process of applying for your first home loan easy, speak to our lovely broker Desiree.

To find out more, call or text Desiree on 0455 131 937 or 1300 140 554. Desiree can also be reached at enquiries@beefinancesavvy.com.au .  You can also fill out the contact us form on this site.

If you’d like to hear from just some of our satisfied customers, take a look at our reviews on WOMO https://www.wordofmouth.com.au/reviews/bee-finance-savvy-miranda

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